What is BasicHits4U?

BasicHits4U is a manual traffic exchange. Members view websites in return for credits which they can add to their own sites in order for them to be viewed by fellow members.


Is BasicHits4U Free?

Yes! BasicHits4U is a 100% FREE traffic exchange program. There is nothing to purchase and all members surf for an equal rate of .5 credits per page viewed.


Is it worth promoting BasicHits4U?

Absolutely! Every referral in your downline earns you .5 credits per page that the surf in our exchange. We also have an effective downline builder system that will get you referrals in many top programs if used correctly.


What sites are allowed?

Because we are a FREE site, without payment processors, we are able to allow members to promote almost any type of program/URL they choose. We are not restricted by payment processor rules regarding sites.


What sites are not allowed?

We do check all sites, and the following are not allowed. Sites with malware, sites with adult content, sites that break or freeze the surf frame. There could be instances where sites are rejected based on content, including illegal or offensive products or material. BasicHits4U admin reserves the right to make decisions regarding sites that we allow.


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the nature of our site, members are responsible for doing their own due diligence and researching advertised sites properly before deciding to join or invest. We will not be held responsible for any action in this regard.


Terms of Service.

No member may have more than one account. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.

Members promoting sites with malware or pornographic material may find themselves suspended or banned permanently.




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